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  • Oak N’ Oak | Kerala Traditional Gold Plated Ornamental Decorative Wall Hanging nettipattom (Caparison) by artisans from Kerala (3.0 FEET)

    9,000.00 6,999.00

    Nettipattom(caparison) is an ornament used in Kerala and Tamil Nadu to decorate temple elephants(caparison). Elephants wear it on its forehead. Nettipattom is originally made with gold and copper but we have recreated this with ornamental gold plating to give the real feel and look of the original nettipattom. Nettipattom is part of kerala culture. In the memory of these artisans from kerala made these ornamental nettipattoms(caparison) in various sizes of your choice to use it as a decorative wall hanging which can placed at your home, work place or anywhere to enrich the wall or room. These are from the traditional artisans who make these all by hand. The core material is eco friendly fiber and then coated with ornamental gold and the side decorated with woollen threads. The back side of the caparison has pvc leather fabric with water proof coating applied to prevent the caparison from any damage from water or moisture which might blead from the wall it is hanging. Each nettipattom(caparison) is packed individually in poly bag and then it is packed inside a carry bag which is offered as free. These are made in such a way that you can fold and wash and carry anywhere you want. An ideal wall hanging for your home. Come in various sizes and you can choose according to your needs.

    • ✔✔🍀 MATERIAL: Ornamental durable quality plating on eco friendly fiber, woollen thread for the side work, and artificial water proof leather at the back side.
    • ✔✔🍀 100% HANDMADE: Traditional artisans made the nettipattom(caparison).
    • ✔✔🍀 EASY TO HANDLE: Can wash, fold and move according to your convenience.
    • ✔✔🍀 FREE CARRY BAG: A carry bag is included which can be used to store the nettipattom (caparison) when not in use or while you on move.