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The Hammock Shop,, has been in the field of hammock manufacturing since 1992. Making several models of hammocks, hammock chairs, hammock stand, hammock accessories and outdoor furniture for the global market. We have now taken the opportunity to serve the Indian customers by launching this store. We are offering wide varieties of hammocks, hammock chairs, hammock stand and other outdoor furniture in different colors and combinations each and every potential customers of ours who would love it.  Please browse through the product ranges listed in this store and do not hesitate to call us if you have any questions or need any help on the products whatever you had purchased online.

Once again we are very happy to have this store open for the Indian community. 


Patio Furniture Export (Part of Deepa Panels Pvt Ltd) was formed in the year 2012 as a 100%
Export Oriented Unit, mainly catering to the buyer requirements in the below product ranges.

1. Hammocks – Rope, Fabric & Quilted hammocks.
2. Swings – Fabric & rope swings.
3. Cushions – Patio, chase & wicker cushions.
4. Hammock stands – Wooden stands & Metal stands.
5. Chairs – Rocking chairs, Deck chairs, Ottoman etc.
6. Pillows – Standard pillows & Bolster Pillows in all fabric qualities.
7. Other accessories & hard wares required for the above said products.

(You can find more details about our product ranges at

Where are we located?

Our manufacturing facility is located amongst the industrial hub of Chennai, in the state of
Tamil Nadu, in close proximity to the other World-renowned industries like Motorola, Ford,
Hyundai, Nokia, Dell etc.

Our close proximity to the Chennai Port makes it easier for us to move our cargo to any part of
the World at the right time with utmost efficiency.

Our vertically integrated processing plants are located in different parts of South India based
on the industrial environment support like Wood Processing in Kerala, Yarn processing Mill in
Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu etc which enable us the supply our product at a competitive price.

Where are we exporting?

Our main focus is to develop our business relationships with our Western clients where there is
a huge market for our products. We export mainly to Retail-chains, importers, Wholesale
clubs, catalogue companies and Online sellers in the countries like-

1. United States
2. Canada.
3. South America.
4. Russia.
5. Norway.
6. France and most part of Europe.

How you can know more about our products?

Apart from our close connection with the market through our satisfied customers, importers,
websites, Stores, Online companies and warehouses, we participate directly in exclusive
exhibitions in various countries. Please find below, some of the exhibitions we regularly
participate where we display our latest products.

1. Handicraft Show, Delhi.
2. Hong Kong House ware show.
3. Hong Kong Gift & Premium.
4. International Hardware show, USA
5. Casual Furniture show, Chicago.

Our portals

What are our strengths?
1. Our Parent Group  is a certified facility with ISO 9001:2008 certificate for
Quality Management System (QMS). Certified by BMQR on 06 Jan 2014.

2. Patio Furniture Export is working on creating a fully compliant hammock making
facility meeting our entire buyer’s compliance requirements and is in the process of
getting FSC Certification. (Deepa’s FSC Registration No. SW-COC-004894)

3. We have the facility to source FSC certified wood from anywhere and in turn
manufacture FSC Certified final products for our premium customers.

4. We are exporting products of exclusive range in consistent quality & timely delivery.
We also specialize in making OEM brands. Some of our prominent OEM brands in US
include Garden Treasures, Wilson & Fisher, Strathwood, CMI (Europe), Presidents
choice (Canada) etc.

5. We have a fully functional 20,000 Sq ft warehousing facility at Dalton USA from
where we drop ship to the domestic market and provide customer service to our

6. Our Manufacturing plant has a large un utilized capacity (nearly 40%) which can be
explored & utilized best.

7. As a manufacturer with best infrastructure & technical facilities, we assure to meet
buyer requirements in all aspects – developing customized products (to buyer
requirement in fabrics, yarn, wood processing, steel engineering etc)

8. We work closely in our target market round the clock. Our new product development is
very strong and much based on the direct feedback we receive from the target market
through our esteemed customers, final consumer and trend designers.

9. Any legal issues in USA can be promptly addressed by us through our close sources in
USA like Patents, Trade Marks etc. For your information, recently, we successfully
won a Patent case in States in favor of us ensuring uninterrupted supply of products to
our renowned customers.

10. As a manufacturer in this industry for a long time, we have a huge exposure to
designing & developing fabrics of all ranges. (Auto loom, printed, dyeing of ropes,
fabrics in various colors etc)

11. In addition, we have capability to develop completely outdoor resistant fabrics viz.,
Mildew resistant, Water repellent, higher tensile strength fabrics, color fastness to light
@ 1000 hrs etc. We are already sourcing technically cutting edge fabrics like Sunbrella,
Spuncrylic etc for some of our premium customers.

12. Our long term expertise in Wood processing Industry (Both in International &
Domestic market) is an added advantage. We have our own Domestic brand in India
which is successfully catering the domestic market needs.

13. Our vertically integrated set up including Yarn conversion unit, dyeing facility, wood
processing plant, hammock manufacturing & assembling plant, Stitching factory, Steel
engineering division to packing division ensures our efficiency and competitiveness in
the industry.

14. Our proximity to eastern countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, China
etc (main source countries for raw material) gives us an added advantage in importing
the required raw materials at maximum speed, hassle free and at competitive prices.

15. Our Import competitiveness has highly increased over the years due to our close
relationship with our vendors overseas and is very competitive.

16. We have also initiated to set up Toll free Call center facility which will cater to the
American customers’ queries & service requirements throughout the year anytime. We
believe this can be a huge bonus for our clients to offer for their valued customers.

17. In addition, any product that is made out of our factory is tested and approved for safety
& legal compliance in Independent laboratories like Bureau Veritas, CTL, ITS & SGS.

18. Finally, we get the best support from our geographic location in terms of abundant
labor, best infrastructure, technical manpower, competitive labor rates, competitive raw
material prices & easy access to all parts of World through proximity to the Port.

What are our weaknesses?

1. As a manufacturer located in India, our ability to expose/market to the North American
& European market is low compared to what we are capable of delivering to these
markets in terms of products & quality.

We hope that we have given you a sufficient idea of what we are doing and how best we can
mutually support ourselves in our future objectives in terms of products, services, product
development, engineering, market exploration etc.

Looking forward for your best Co operation in future days and we assure to give our best
service in products, services, response, and timely delivery.

Thank You

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